Profile review for PhD Admissions Fall 2022

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Profile review for PhD Admissions Fall 2022

Post by I_Yoda » Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:05 am

Institute: IISER
Program: BS-MS
Major: Mathematics
CPI :7.0 (current) 7.5 (expected at the end of the program)

I am currently in my final year of 5 yr BS-MS program, during which I will be working on a thesis project. I wish to pursue PhD in theoretical computer science in US.

The only research experience (or close to one) I'll have will be in my final year. I don't have any publications. I have credited courses in computer science (Data Structures and Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Network Science, Machine Learning etc) and also did some online courses on Coursera.

Since my grades are not very good, I am looking for suggestions that would help make my application better. I also need suggestions for schools that I could apply to and have a good enough chance to get in.

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Re: Profile review for PhD Admissions Fall 2022

Post by SchursLemma » Mon Jun 07, 2021 11:04 am

Your grades are low. You don't have any publications. You haven't taken any advanced courses. I don't think you stand a chance at getting into a grad program in CompSci in the US. Try aiming for a masters in computer science from a place like CMI, get some publications, network with potential advisors who can guide you about your chances and then apply.

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