General GRE Scores, Multiple masters

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General GRE Scores, Multiple masters

Post by athulyaram » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:02 pm

Undergrad Institution: Tier 1 university in India
Major(s): BS-MS Dual Degree in Mathematics
GPA: 7.5/10

Graduate Institution: New York University
Major(s): M.S. in Applied Mathematics
GPA: 3.95/4.00

Type of Student: International, Female

GRE Revised General Test:
Q: 162 (80%)
V: 162 (90%)
W: 4.5 (82%)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
Took the exam this September, expecting 70-75%ile.

TOEFL Score: 117 (Does not matter anymore as I am doing MS at a US University)

Program Applying: Ph.D in Applied Mathematics

I was wondering if my low(er) quant GRE score would affect my application. Do I have to explain why I have 2 Masters degrees when I apply for PhD?
I am not planning to apply to top 10 colleges, aiming for colleges with ranking around 20-50.

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Re: General GRE Scores, Multiple masters

Post by cater99 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:58 pm

If you could get in Courant for MS and did so well (3.95 should beat many PhD students) you are perfectly fine.

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