SUBgroups: peer groups for first-year math graduate students

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SUBgroups: peer groups for first-year math graduate students

Post by nsniu » Mon Aug 14, 2023 11:10 am

​​SUBgroups is an opportunity each fall for first-year math grad students to connect with their peers at other universities. Small groups meet online to support each other as they adjust to graduate student life.

Lots more details and the registration form for the program can be found here:

Registration for this fall’s program is now open. If you will be starting grad school next fall and would like a reminder when registration opens then, just add your email here:

Here are just a few quotes from past participants about their experiences:

“I felt like I was able to learn a lot about other people’s experiences and that helped make me feel that I was not alone.”

“I liked getting the opportunity to discuss starting graduate school with a group of women. Some of them also are the only women in their cohorts, so I am glad for them that they have this as a resource.”

"Do it! I knew that the first semester of grad school would be rough, and indeed it was, but having an awesome group of people who were willing to talk about their experiences and listen to each other was such a great source of support, validation, and joy, and I’m so thankful to SUBgroups for that."

If you have any questions about SUBgroups, just visit the Contact page and reach out.

To those of you preparing to apply to math graduate programs, best of luck with the process!

Justin Lanier, Katie Waddle, Marissa Loving, Marquia Williams, Nelson Niu, and Yufei Zhang
The SUBgroups team

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